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James 5:13-20 | Pray, Sing, Confess, Heal, and Save in the Name of Our Glorious Lord Jesus Christ + November 25, 2017

Book cover for Luke Timothy Johnson's Brother of Jesus, Friend of God

Lord's Prayer | Praying for Jesus' Kingdom Impact in Us and in Worcester

Corporate Prayer of Confession and Assurance

One: God, our Redeemer and Healer, we cling to You today. Your mercy is deeper than the depths of the sea and Your grace extends to Your people throughout the ages. Trusting in Your mercy and grace, we make our confession.

All: Jesus, we need You to heal us. Immanuel, here we are. We long to feel Your touch. We need to confess our sins. We want to experience miracles in our hearts.  Set us free from apathy, addiction, and injustice. Make the lame to walk and the blind to see. We're afraid to ask You for miracles, Jesus. And we're afraid to pray for Your Spirit's power to reveal Your Kingdom here and now in our hearts, our communities, and our city.  We believe. Help our unbelief.

Silent Personal Reflection and Confession

One: Jesus, our Teacher and Healer, send Your Holy Spirit to fill us and set us free from doubt and from fear. Send the Holy Spirit to reveal salvation in Jesus to us and our loved ones. May we ask for the gifts only Your Spirit can give and may we welcome His power when He begins to break the chains of our sin, assumptions, cynicism, and rationale. And when we fall short of asking for  more of You, help us to remember the Good News:

All: In You, our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, we are forgiven!

By David Crowder
2014 A.D.

Come out of sadness
From wherever you’ve been.
Come broken hearted,
Let rescue begin.
Come find your mercy,
Oh sinners, come kneel.
Earth has no sorrow
That Heaven can’t heal.
Earth has no sorrow
That Heaven can’t heal.

So lay down your burdens,
Lay down your shame.
All who are broken,
Lift up your face.
Oh, wanderers come home.
You’re not too far.
So lay down your hurt,
Lay down your heart,
Come as you are.

There’s hope for the hopeless,
And all those who’ve strayed.
Come sit at the table.
Come taste the grace.
There’s rest for the weary,
Rest that endures.
Earth has no sorrow
That Heaven can’t cure.
Earth has no sorrow
That Heaven can’t cure.

There’s joy for the morning,
Oh, sinners be still.
Earth has no sorrow
That Heaven can’t heal.
Earth has no sorrow
That Heaven can’t heal.

By Matt Papa, Matt Boswell, 
and Michael Bleecker
2013 A.D.

Come behold the wondrous mystery
In the dawning of the King.
He the theme of heaven’s praises,
Robed in frail humanity.
In our longing, in our darkness,
Now the light of life has come!
Look to Christ, who condescended,
Took on flesh to ransom us.

Come behold the wondrous mystery
He the perfect Son of Man.
In His living, in His suffering,
Never trace nor stain of sin.
See the true and better Adam
Come to save the hell-bound man!
Christ the great and sure fulfillment

Of the law; in Him we stand.

Come behold the wondrous mystery
Christ the Lord upon the tree,
In the stead of ruined sinners
Hangs the Lamb in victory.
See the price of our redemption!
See the Father’s plan unfold!
Bringing many sons to glory,
Grace unmeasured, love untold!

Come behold the wondrous mystery
Slain by death the God of life.
But no grave could e’er restrain Him.
Praise the Lord; He is alive!
What a foretaste of deliverance!
How unwavering our hope!
Christ in power resurrected

As we will be when He comes!

LordI Need You
By Chris Tomlin
2011 A.D.

LordI come, I confess,
Bowing here I find my rest.
Without You I fall apart.
You're the One that guides my heart.

LordI need You
Oh, I need You,
Every hour I need You;
My one defense,
My righteousness,

Oh God, how I need You!

Where sin runs deep, 
Your grace is more.
Where grace is found is
Where You are.
And where You are,
LordI am free,
Holiness is Christ in me!

Teach my song to rise to You.
When temptation comes my way,
And when I cannot stand, I'll fall on You.
Jesus, You're my hope and stay.

By Austin Stone Worship
2014 A.D.

For the fatherless,
We pray be the Father.
Let those who lost their way
Be understood.
For the widow and the broken
Be the Lover who will hold them.
We know that You are God
And You are good.
Yes, we know that You are God a
And You are good.

For those who mourn today, 
Be the comfort,
And who hunger after You,
Be satisfied.
You bless the poor in spirit
For heaven is their Kingdom.
We know that You are God
And You are good.
Yes, we know that You are God
And You are good.

You are God, You're the risen King!
You are good, Lord of everything!
No mountain, no valley
Could ever separate us from Your love.
You are God and You are good!
Yes, we know that You are God
And You are good!

As we look upon Your Word, 
God give us vision!
Restore us by
The power of Your blood!
Come now, Holy Spirit
When You whisper
Let us hear it!
We know that You are God
And You are good!
Yes, we know that you are God
And you are good!

So come now in power!
And let our chains be broken!
Pour out Your Spirit!
Jesus, our hearts are open!

You are God, You're the risen King!
You are good, Lord of everything!
No mountain, no valley
Could ever separate us!
No power, no darkness,
Could ever stand between us!
No mountain, no valley
Could ever separate us
From Your love!
You are God and You are good.
Yes, we know that You are God
And You are good.

By Planetshakers
2013 A.D.

You have won the victory!
You have won it all for me!

Death could not hold You down!
You are the risen King
Seated in majesty,
You are the risen King!

By His stripes we are healed,
By His nail-pierced hands we're free.
By His blood, we're washed clean,
Now we have the victory.

The power of sin is broken,
Jesus overcame it all.
He has won our freedom,
Jesus has won it all. 

By Ike Ndolo
2013 A.D.
My bones are weak in me

And my eyes are closed
Because of what they've seen.

I'm stuck in smoke and fire

And it's getting hard to breathe.

My spirit chokes in me

And now I cannot stand,

I'm on my knees.

Hope is coming again!
Come on down to the riverside!
Come on down and get baptized!
Come on down to the riverside
'Cause we've got to die
To make it out alive.

This water brings me life,

Renews my soul

And returns my sight.

My heart was cold as ice

But you made it beat again.

My days had turned to night

But You called my name

And gave me back the Light.

You're bringing hope back again!
I've seen the sum of my tragedies,
Cripple me,
So come and set me free!

'Cause everyone needs a remedy

Love can bring,
Let it wash us clean!
Our World Belongs to God: Christ 
2008 A.D.

What has God done for us in Christ?
Remembering the promise
to reconcile the world to Himself,
God joined our humanity in Jesus Christ—
the eternal Word made flesh.
He is the long-awaited Messiah,
one with us and one with God,
fully human and fully divine,
conceived by the Holy Spirit
and born of the virgin Mary.
Being both divine and human,
Jesus is our only mediator.
He alone paid the debt of our sin;
there is no other Savior.
We are chosen in Christ
to become like Him in every way.
God’s electing love sustains our hope:
God’s grace is free
to save sinners who offer nothing
but their need for mercy.

Luke 1:31-35; John 1:1-14;
Hebrews 1:2-3; 
1 Tim. 2:5;
Heb. 9:11-15; 
John 14:6;
Acts 4:12; Rom. 8:29;
2 Cor. 3:18: Eph. 1:3-4


May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. + 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

+ Sully

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