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James 5:7-12 | Practice Patience, the Main Ingredient of Life with Jesus with Pastor Ernie Grant + November 18, 2017

Book cover for Luke Timothy Johnson's Brother of Jesus, Friend of God

Lord's Prayer | Praying for Jesus' Kingdom Impact in Us and in Worcester

Corporate Prayer of Confession and Assurance
Isaiah 6:5-8Daniel 9:4-19Nehemiah 1:5-10Luke 23:34

One: God, our compassionate and merciful Lord,
we cling to You today. Your mercy is deeper
than the depths of the sea and Your grace
extends to Your people throughout the ages. Trusting
in Your mercy and grace, we make our confession.

All: Jesus, our mighty King and Righteous Judge, 
we need You to come. We need You to reign in our hearts.
We have held onto our crowns for far too long.
Fear stifles us. Prejudice blinds us. Grumbling suffocates us.
Cynicism destroys us. We say "no" to the Gospel
and "yes" to ourselves far too often. Help us to wait
on You as we run to those in need of You.

Silent Personal Reflection and Confession

One: Jesus, our Rescuer and our Champion, 
You are faithful. You draw near to us. You pursue us.
May we pursue You and others for Your glory
and for their salvation. And when we fall short, help
us to remember the Good News:

All: In You, our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, we are forgiven!

By Urban Doxology, Liz Vice, and Latifah Alattas (Page CXVI) 
2017 A.D.  

Hallelu! Hallelujah! 
Father, let Your Kingdom come! (x4)

May the works of my hands 
Bring You joy. (x4 + Chorus

May the words of my mouth
Speak Your peace. (x4 + Chorus

You make all things new,
You make all things new
In places we don't choose,
You make all things new! (Chorus)

The Anthem
By Planetshakers
2013 A.D.

You have won the victory!
You have won it all for me!

Death could not hold You down!
You are the risen King
Seated in majesty,
You are the risen King!

By His stripes we are healed,
By His nail-pierced hands we're free.
By His blood, we're washed clean,
Now we have the victory.

The power of sin is broken,
Jesus overcame it all.
He has won our freedom,
Jesus has won it all. 

By John Mark McMillan
and Sarah McMillan
2015 A.D.

Let the King of my heart
Be the mountain where I run,
The fountain I drink from;
Oh He is my song.

Let the King of my heart
Be the shadow where I hide,
The ransom for my life;
Oh, He is my song!

You are good, good, oh!

Let the King of my heart
Be the wind inside my sails,
The anchor in the waves;
Oh, He is my song.

Let the King of my heart
Be the fire inside my veins,
And the echo of my days;
Oh, He is my song!

You’re never gonna let,
Never gonna let me down!

By Kristian Stanfill
2010 A.D.

Your love never fails,
It never gives up,
It never runs out on me!

And it's higher than
The mountains that I face,
And it's stronger than
The power of the grave,
And it's constant in the trial
And the change;
This one thing remains!

And on and on and on
And on it goes!
Yes, it overwhelms and satisfies
And I never, ever,
Have to be afraid!
This one thing remains,
This one thing remains!

In death, in life
I'm confident and covered by
The power of Your great love!
My debt is paid,
There's nothing that can separate
My heart from Your great love!

The Worship Medley
By Tye Tribbett
2013 A.D.

You'll love us, forever.
You'll love us, forever.
You'll love us, forever, Lord.

I love You, forever.
I love You, forever.
I love You, forever, Lord.

We'll worship forever.
We'll worship forever.
We'll worship forever, Lord.

We give glory to God,
Glory to God,
Glory to God, forever!

Glory to God (We lift Your name up!),
Glory to God (We lift Your name up!),
Glory to God, forever!

By Ike Ndolo
2013 A.D.
My bones are weak in me

And my eyes are closed
Because of what they've seen.

I'm stuck in smoke and fire

And it's getting hard to breathe.

My spirit chokes in me

And now I cannot stand,

I'm on my knees.

Hope is coming again!
Come on down to the riverside!
Come on down and get baptized!
Come on down to the riverside
'Cause we've got to die
To make it out alive.

This water brings me life,

Renews my soul

And returns my sight.

My heart was cold as ice

But you made it beat again.

My days had turned to night

But You called my name

And gave me back the Light.

You're bringing hope back again!
I've seen the sum of my tragedies,
Cripple me,
So come and set me free!

'Cause everyone needs a remedy

Love can bring,
Let it wash us clean!
New City Catechism Q & A 1
Q. What is our only hope
in life and in death?

That we are not our own,1
but belong, body and soul,
both in life and death2
to God and to our faithful
Savior Jesus Christ.3

 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
2 Romans 14:7-9
3 1 Corinthians 3:23; Titus 2:14  


May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. + 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

Next post: James 5:13-20 | Pray, Sing, Confess, Heal, and Save in the Name of Our Glorious Lord Jesus Christ

+ Sully

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