Sunday, March 14, 2021

Discovering Jesus in Worcester, Massachusetts

We love Worcester.

We are committed to this historic New England city on the rise to see redemption and resurrection continue to break in. 

This is why Emmaus City exists, named after one of the ancient stories in Scripture where Jesus met people on their journey in their moments of uncertainty and doubt and transformed their story. 

We have experienced how He moves people from despair to hope, from shame to courage, from death to life. Just like on the road to Emmaus, He comes to us, and in His time reveals Himself.

We invite you to discover that Jesus is meeting you where you are.

When our lives seem undervalued and are overworked, Jesus reminds us how loved and deeply valued we are. And we can rest and run in what He can do in us and our city. 

Whether you have some or no faith, a religious or nonreligious background, we are ready to meet you and introduce you to Jesus' words, works, and ways, and discover with you how He is already on the move in the everyday places you spend most of your weeks – apartment complexes, neighborhoods, work rooms or spaces, schools via remote learning or hybrid, vehicles, train stations, shelters, and more

As we see throughout His story in the Bible, it's in these every day places of life that Jesus invites us to join Him as He makes all things new

Jesus is welcoming people to see what it looks like for His way of life to break into our city. 

How will we see Him do this in 2021? And will we join Him?

Rev. Mike "Sully" Sullivan

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