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2015 Acts 29 North America Conference | Building Healthy Leaders by Being an Immersed Leader and Finding Your Voice as a Preacher

Emmaus City Church Worcester MA Soma Acts 29 Christian Reformed Church Transcultural Kingdom Multi-Ethnic Network of Missional Communities

Acts 29 North America Conference 2015 | Building Healthy Leaders

Pastor Scotty Smith and Pastor Yancey Arrington

All of the 2015 North America Main Session Videos are available now for viewing. And here are the previous notes posts from the 2015 Acts 29 North America Conference:

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And now here is Main Session 2 with Pastor Scotty Smith and a Breakout Session with Pastor Yancey Arrington.

An immersed leader will be

(1) Immersed in the Gospel (vv. 1-6)

(2) Immersed in the Church community (vv. 7-12)
(3) Immersed in a Gospel posse in order to persevere in the work and fight ahead (vv. 1-4, 12)

There's nothing more than the Gospel, 
but there's always more of the Gospel to gain.

We cannot add on to the righteousness that God has already given. In light of this, we cannot be more forgiven than we already are now. 

We give the people God has sent us to our very lives, 
without co-dependence on the responses of the people. Always keep this in mind for your prayers: "There's so much beauty in Jesus, and my heart is too often becoming dull to it" (Jack Miller). Find Jesus more beautiful than anything else.

You need a Gospel posse: All know they are called by Jesus and you to go into a dangerous mission. And do not despise your own shortcomings and weaknesses. They can be a portal for grace and power from God and others.

People become dear to you when grace is in your soul. What does the heart of a nursing mother look like? "We were among you, ready to work alongside and share our life with you" (vv. 7-9). Love well.

We are not the fourth member of the Trinity. We don't fix people. We love people and point them to holiness as we grow in it ourselves. Don't be mistaken; leaders are to be exemplary. Holiness is like Jesus. Holiness is beautiful. 
Be beautifully holy leaders.

"But be careful. A church plant can be one of the most destructive mistresses in your life. Now go plant a church" (Jack Miller). 

If we are not immersed leaders, we will be:

(1) Isolated leaders (which often comes from fear);
(2) Aloof leaders (which often comes from pride);
(3) Disconnected leaders (which often comes from shame);
(4) Approval-sucking leaders (which often comes from insecurity); or
(5) Greedy leaders (which often comes from lust).

Die to the approval of others now. 
Jesus has taken our guilt and shame. 
We are approved before the Father through Him.

Breakout Session: Finding Your Own Voice as a Preacher 

with Pastor Yancey Arrington

Emmaus City Church Worcester MA Soma Acts 29 Christian Reformed Church Transcultural Kingdom Multi-Ethnic Network of Missional Communities

Pastor Yancey Arrington

Clear Creek Community Church

Houston, TX

As called and ordained pastors, you need to be humble in Jesus and confident in what He's given you. There's a reason why a sovereign God has made you the way you are to lead and serve part of His Church. And part of your responsibility is preaching the word in season and out of season.

"Preaching is the communication of truth through personality." And there tend to be four types of preachers:

(1) Professor: Insightful with Information
Connects the dots others would miss.
Excited about new concepts.
Provides theological insights with lots of important information.
Asks the question: Did they understand what I said?
Audience asks the question: What did I learn?

(2) Author: Insightful with Observation 
Has to tell a story, ancient, modern, or otherwise
Listeners identify and inhabit the sermon
Brings the message to life through the senses
Is careful on word-crafting and description
Often married to sermon notes
Asks the question: Was I clear and compelling?
Audience asks the question: Weren't his stories good?

(3) Life Coach: Insightful with Application
Gets insights out of every day life with expertise
Masterful grasp of the reality in which the listeners live
Provides fresh, helpful wisdom for next steps
Conversational with intense emotional moments
Asks the question: Was what I said helpful?
Audience asks the question: What do I do next with this?

(4) Prophet: Insight with Conviction
Want people to hear and feel what the Scriptures are saying
Pushes to the conflict of emotional and intellectual tension
Says more with less material
It makes sense to the listener emotionally across a broad spectrum of emotions
Asks the question: Were people changed?
Audience asks the question: How will this change my life and why do I need it?

There is an emotional center to every sermon no matter what type of preacher. Find it.

(1) Know yourself.
(2) Embrace your strengths.
(3) Trace your influences.
(4) Remember your role (i.e. Holy Word and Holy Spirit bring the power).
(5) Trust your calling.
(6) Find good avenues for feedback.
(7) Pause the podcasts.
(8) Get more reps.
(9) Rethink your presence.

And if there's anyone who's convicted by your preaching, may it be you first by the power of the Gospel being shared.

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