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Christ Over the Coronavirus Streaming Recommendation | The Chosen: Jesus Brings Healing & Welcome to the Outcast

The Chosen Episode 6: Indescribable Compassion as Jesus Heals the Leper 4-Minute Video Clip

I need to be embraced and healed by Jesus again, the One who turns to us when we are crying for help as seen in The Chosen Series Episode 6: Indescribable Compassion

One recommendation is not enough. To read my previous explanation and encouragement for you during this downtime at home amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic to check out "The Chosen" Season 1 featuring the lives of Mary of Magdala, Simon and Andrew, Nicodemus, Matthew, and others leading up to when Jesus met them, check out The Chosen: Jesus Welcomes Children

What is "The Chosen" you ask? As shocked as I am to write this, it is a faith-based production that is creative, beautiful, and a genuinely strong series of streaming television (this from a self-described cinema and series lover; for an example, consider my review of "Children of Men"). The crew and cast are not only passionately and artistically driven to bring to life the context and much of the content across all four gospels about Jesus, but this first season displays stellar storytelling, screenwriting, direction, acting (with a mostly Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cast!), and production in the midst of the creative license being taken to unveil what we may think we're already familiar with about Jesus and the stories of those who knew Him. Here is a link to The Chosen HD Trailer (3:39 minutes). 

Curious or perhaps cautious about depictions of Jesus? Whether your hesitancy is for religious reasons or artistic reasons, this thoughtful statement begins the series:

The Chosen is based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ. Some locations and timelines have been combined or condensed. Backstories and some characters or dialogue have been added. 
However, all biblical and historical context and any artistic imagination are designed to support the truth and intention of the Scriptures. Viewers are encouraged to read the gospels. 

If you would like to catch a glimpse of how they go about bringing to life biblical and historical context alongside artistic imagination in support of the intention of the Scriptures, check out the link to a clip from Episode 6: Indescribable Compassion and consider how Jesus would move towards you, whether you are a frontline worker who could be contagious, someone with COVID-19 who is currently quarantined and feeling isolated from community and society, or perhaps you are growing hostile in light of all these restrictions to those who desire to shelter in place due to unemployment

Whatever your story, Jesus moves towards you today in much the same way when you say, "Please, don't turn away from me."

The Chosen Episode 6: Indescribable Compassion as Jesus Heals the Leper 4-Minute Video Clip

The Chosen Series Episode 6: Indescribable Compassion Clip (5:01 minutes) + Manuscript

Jesus: Let's not spoil this beautiful day or anything. Come on ... 

Mary of Magdala: (Screams in shock as leper walks onto the path behind her, Jesus, and the disciples ... )

John: (Pulls out a knife ... ) It's a leper. Stay back.

James: Cover your mouth. Don't breathe his air.

John: Don't come any closer.

Jesus: It's OK, John. It's OK. (Jesus takes off his travel bag, moves towards the leper ... )

John and other disciples: Rabbi, rabbi, don't ... You cannot ... His disease ... (Jesus turns to them and motions for them to stop.)

The Chosen Episode 6: Indescribable Compassion as Jesus Heals the Leper 4-Minute Video Clip

Leper: Please, please. Please don't turn away from me.  

Jesus: I won't. 

Leper: Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean. Only if You want to. I submit to You. My sister, she was a servant at the wedding (at Cana in Episode 5). She told me what You can do. I know You can heal me if You are willing.

Jesus: I am willing. ... Be cleansed. 

Leper: (Responding in relief, he begins to weep ... )

The leprosy begins to fade from his body as the disciples look on in shock.

Leper: (His tears turn to laughter ... ) Thank You ... I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. What can I ever do?

Jesus: No, do not say anything to anyone. 

Leper: You don't seek Your own honor? 

Jesus: Please just do for Me this one thing ... 

Leper: But, what do I tell people?

Jesus: Go, show yourself to the priests. Have them inspect you and see that you are cleansed. Make the proper offering in the temple as Moses commanded. Then go on your way. 

Leper: (Smiles with surprise and joy ... )

Jesus: Who has an extra tunic? (Many of the disciples begin to take off their tunics ... Jesus smiles ... ) Just one of you, just one of you. That's enough. 

The Chosen Episode 6: Indescribable Compassion as Jesus Heals the Leper 4-Minute Video Clip

Jesus: Green is definitely your color. Not too shabby.

Bonus: The Chosen Scene: Jesus' BedTime Prayer (3:25 minutes)

The Chosen Episode 3: Jesus' BedTime Prayer

Jesus: " ... Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe ... "

Rev. Mike "Sully" Sullivan

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