Saturday, September 13, 2014

Who Would Hate Emmaus City Church in Worcester?

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Would Hitler hate us? 

Funny question, right? Who cares what Hitler hates? It's not like we want to be associated with anything he likes. Sure, he probably wouldn't like us because we enjoy celebrating all the different kinds of people who represent all the diversity of languages, nations, and ethnicities in our city. He also wasn't a fan of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life and writings. And we love Bonhoeffer and Life Together

There's also the fact that it's OK to be weak in Emmaus City. Why? Because we believe in a God who made Himself a servant even unto death for the sake of men, women, and children from every tribe, tongue, and nation. In Jesus, God's power is made perfect in weakness because His grace, not His force, is sufficient to transform us.

But according to a recent video that was sent my way, there may be another reason why Hitler would hate Emmaus City. The title of the video is "Why Hitler Hates Sentralized." The Sentralized Conference, hosted by Forge, was started by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost, two voices (and Aussie voices at that) in Jesus' Church I'm thankful I can listen to and learn from in this digital age. 

Check out the video link above. It captures the fun and the seriousness of the calling Jesus has given His Church. Quotes from the video are included below:

"There will be actual practitioners, not just scribes."

"They share about doing the stuff, not just thinking the stuff."

"The people will get crazy ideas of living out the Kingdom and
opening their homes up!"

"Next up they will think THEY are the church instead of focusing on going to church!"

"They'll become friends of sinners! Do you want them to become like Jesus? That Shiner Bock drinking, barbecue eating glutton that believed everyday people could be everyday missionaries?" 
(my favorite)

"They will seek the welfare of their cities! They will learn to make their communities livable!"

"They will enter the ethos and ethics of the Kingdom of God!"

"They will hear 'can do' stories and will start trying it at home ... here, there, everywhere!"

"Their lives can't be given away, they must hold onto comfort, safety, security. They'll lose the American Dream!"

"They will get on the same page and be on the road to missional.
Sent for God."

When Jesus' Kingdom breaks through, all hell breaks loose

I'd love for all of the above quotes to be associated with Emmaus City. And we want God to multiply our efforts far beyond what we could possibly think or imagine. 

Comfort, safety, and security will have to be given away and we will need to love our enemies as well as we love our friends. We will need to understand the culture of our city and how we can benefit its welfare and the welfare of people who have been ignored or marginalized. We will need to be sent, not to be served, but to serve. We will need to give our lives to Jesus so that He can give them away for the sake of many hearing, seeing, and receiving His good news that He is not only redeeming individuals from sin and death, but also renewing communities and creation.

Sounds fun. And dangerous. And transformative. Want to join us?

After all, Hitler hates all that stuff. :)

Christ is all,

Rev. Mike "Sully" Sullivan

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