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Songs Can Help Shape a Life of Worship Service | Part 2 featuring Beautiful Eulogy

Beautiful Eulogy Lyrics Paragraph Worship Service Emmaus City Worcester MA

Worship music is more than just one culture's approach to songwriting;

appreciating and learning to love others' approaches can help us experience the diversity of the joy of God.

I love music. Last week I shared about Austin Stone Worship and my great appreciation for their songwriting. 

Case in point, my family continues to sing "God I Look to You" before our children go to sleep each night.

But there are other ways we sing, and dance ... and rap to acknowledge that if the grace of God is true, there are never enough words to artistically string together our appreciation to Him, nor enough fascinating rhtyhms and percussions to move us in our applause of Him. 

Hip hop is able to pack into one song more than some folks accomplish in an entire album. It's up front, emotional, straightfoward, and intended to provoke reaction. Worship inhabits all of these attitudes and views, too. And right now, Beautiful Eulogy is doing this as well as anyone from the West Coast to the East Coast.

Artists are also more likely to be honest in exposing their hearts' true feelings in rap's compelling musical approach. Beautiful Eulogy's lyrics create a liturgy for life that is acute, necessary, and full of invitation and challenge.

Adoration: Acquired in Heaven

" ... Lord, You did everything required to save us 
And bring us Into Your presence 
so to know You and behold You is our hearts' desire.
There is nothing higher, nothing greater to acquire.
Holy, Holy, Holy, is the song of the choir.
Your people sing Your praises, gathered from all the nations.
We were chosen to be holy and blameless before the earth's foundation.
And it's only on the basis of Your glorious grace.
And we will never grow tired of gazing upon Your face
And falling before Your feet, worshiping at Your throne ... "

" ... it seems that I still live in disbelief.
I begin to better understand confession
When I understand the weight of my sin and its effect

How it's a direct reflection of my selfishness
And recognize God's correct assessment.
I don't have to hide behind my own pride,
Tear myself up from the guilt inside,
Because I've been given everything I've ever needed
To stand clean and forgiven when I received Jesus.
The old will pass away, 

While I'm still here, You hear my prayer.
Please, wash my sins away,

Oh Lord, release me from this snare ... "

Celebration of Assurance: According to God

" ... I believe these lies to be true for me. 
 My experience was the proof for me
Up until the point where I could sense
Christ's relentless love and complete pursuit of me. 

And He spoke to me offering me hope and life 
Through His Word showing me His beauty,
Changing my perception and giving me perspective 

Of the way that God truly viewed me: 
A man who was prized and pardoned 
And chosen before the world's foundation,
His own possession, His royal priesthood, I'm a part of His holy nation. 

I'm His friend, I'm valued, I'm completely cared for
Enough for Christ to purchase.
According to God, I'm an adopted child
with intimate access created with purpose. ..."

Thanksgiving: Vital Lens

" ... I'm an instrument of His mercy
Unworthy but still He uses me, the beauty of the eulogy
Through His death we are truly free, free indeed.
The condemnation and the bondage of our sin was abolished
On the cross and He alone accomplished it.
God made Himself known exposing His own nature and His glory
Through His Son.
The revelation of Our Savior the fullness of God born in human form.
Deity in the flesh, we need the Spirit
And the Word to open our eyes so we can see correct.
The vital lens ..."

Communion: The Size of Grace


" ... The size of grace, how great the size?
The gates of Heaven are open wide!
And people of all kind are welcome inside,
Should have been denied, but instead God replied.
He said, in your place My Son has died
His death gave you life.

It's the size of grace.
Innocent blood that was shed to erase
Every trace of sin for a chosen race.
It's the great exchange, it's power to change. ..."


Charge and Blessing: Instruments of Mercy


"... Stretching and bending, pitch, pruning tightening and tuning.
It's the residue of His resin that's the evidence of His divine choosing.
Using the weather and the storm to conform us

 into the image of our glorious Lord
Scorned to compose the score,

being stitched together in a melodious chord.
It's the strumming and pressing of strings that momentarily stings.
But in the end, it ultimately brings us to a place that causes hearts to sing:

With Your hands, we play Your song.
Use my life I'm Your instrument.
Tune my heart to sing Your song.
Use my life, I'm Your instrument. ..." 

Bonus Songs:



Beautiful Eulogy

Exile Dial Tone

You Can Save Me 

Symbols and Signs

Organized Religion

If you would like to listen to the entire 14-song album, click here: Beautiful Eulogy's Instruments of Mercy

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P.S. Don't forget to check out Epiphany Fellowship's band, Doxa, who are releasing a worship album in the near future. For a taste, check out this video: Doxa-Mentary.

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