The Story in Song

Because so many of us learn aurally today, we want to share with you a vision for the story of Emmaus City Church through music.

Through a series of blog posts, lyrics, and melodies, we have gathered a collection of songs and thoughts to reveal how God is shaping us to be a church after His own heart in Worcester. Lyrics range from words written in the 6th century to today, and the range of musical styles complements the diversity of people who call Worcester home. 

We know God is inviting us to join Him in reaching out to our friends, neighbors, and communities to share His gospel story in word and deed with those who don’t know Jesus in our city.  

We invite you to join us. But first, we invite you to listen. 

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 1
Song: The Love of God

Lyrics Sample: "... Could we with ink the ocean fill / And were the skies of parchment made, / Were every stalk on earth a quill and every man a scribe by trade / To write the love of God above would drain the ocean dry; / Nor could the scroll contain the whole, / Though stretched from sky to sky ... "

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 2 
Song: Warrior
Lyrics Sample: " ... His kingdom has no end of days. / Lord, You rejoice in victory / When another lost soul bows to its knee ... " 

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 3
Lyrics Sample: " ...
i'm a sinner, i'm forgiven; He's risen, i'm so down. / i'm adopted, but His child; He's humble, i'm so proud. / i'm filthy, but so clean; guilty, but so free. ... " 

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 4

Song: The City
Lyrics Sample: " ...
You are not your hood, homie. / It did not make you. / Look, we are proof you don't have to conform. / The road was so lonely, / But you cannot tell me it’s impossible to exit that mosh pit scarless. / You don't have to sing along ... " 

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 5
Walk with Me 
Lyrics Sample: '' ... So i drop to my knees and i scream with my might. / "i know that these walls can’t hear me." / i say, "Lord, please won’t You hear my cry?" / i know that these walls can’t hear me ... "

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 6
Song: How Long
Lyrics Sample: " ...
How long, O Lord, will You hide Your face? / How long must i labor in vain? / How long, O Lord, will You wait to rescue me? / How long, O Lord, how long? ... " 

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 7
Song: Anchor
Lyrics Sample: " ... And even though it's obvious when my outlook is ominous, / You've bound my heart and my conscience and gave me a constant calmness. / So when the pain comes like rain from the parts of life that maintains its strain, / i can put my trust in the hands that sustain ... " 

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 8
Song: Boasting
Lyrics Sample: " ... Remove the veil from my darkened eyes. / So now every morning i open Your Word and see the Son rise. / i hope in nothing, boast in nothing, only in Your suffering. / i live to show Your glory, dying to tell Your story ... " 

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 9
Lyrics Sample: " ... i know who i am. / Once i was nameless, alone and You found me. / You formed my knees to bend. / You call me beloved, i am perfection. / All my failures won't condemn me / Or leave me paralyzed and bound. / When i'm at my worst, Your love, it finds me first. / By You, i can run in the night ... " 

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 10
Lyrics Sample: " ... All my security, my destiny, / What lies ahead is found in You. / All my hopes and dreams, my thoughts unseen, / All my wants are found in You. / What i dread and fear, all that weighs me down, / All my trust is found in You. / You’re my sustaining breath, all that gives me strength. / All life-giving is found in You ... "

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 11
Lyrics Sample: " ... For your children, for your neighbors, for your communities, / Follow the banner. / Everybody, unashamed, lock your arms, plant your feet, look around, they need you, / Follow the banner. / Better husbands, better fathers, / More servants, more diligence; / No excuses, they are useless. / You can do this; follow the banner ... " 
Lyrics Sample: " ... God of the worn and tattered, / All of Your people matter. / Give us more than words to speak / ’Cause we are hearts and arms that reach / And love climbs up and down the human ladder. / Give us days to be filled with small rebellions, / Senseless, brutal acts of kindness from us all ... " 
Lyric Sample: " ... How can we not clear the way / With such open grace? / How can we withhold our prayers / To the God who spares / All who seek His face? / A brand new land tilled / By His tender hand / The thorns and thistles break. / From the desert sand / The harvest comes / In a city no longer forsaken ... "
Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 14 
Song: Love Shines
Lyric Sample: " ... The Savior wept my every tear. / He groaned that i might sing. / My thorny crown upon His head, / My cross, His suffering. / Your love shines at Calvary. / Now we proclaim that Jesus reigns in victory ... "

Blog Post: The Story in Song Part 15
Lyric Sample: " ... Drench my soul / As mercy and grace unfold; / I hunger and thirst, / I hunger and thirst. / With arms stretched wide, / I know You hear my cry. / Speak to me now, / Speak to me now. / I surrender. / I want to know You more. / Like a rushing wind, / Jesus breathe within. / Lord, have Your way, / Lord, have Your way in me. / Like a mighty storm, / Stir within my soul ... "
Lyric Sample: " ... Oh, God, be my everything; be my delight; / be Jesus my glory, my soul satisfied! / My Jesus, you satisfy! / High King of Heaven, Thy victory won! / May i reach heaven’s joys, O bright heav’n’s Son! / Heart of my own heart, whatever befall; / Still be my vision, O Ruler of all ... "

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