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Emmaus City Church in Worcester, MA – Join with Us in Experiencing God's Grace through Jesus.

Our next Sabbath service of worship is Saturday, August 25 at 4 p.m. at the Fusion Center at 30 Tyler Prentice Road. Contact us if you need more details. And in the meantime, here are some helpful links that can provide more of an introduction to Emmaus City: Why We Gather for Jesus with OthersWhy We Scatter with Jesus for Others; and Why We Enjoy Life with Jesus in the City.

Read more about us on our Leadership Page on our website.

The individuals and families involved with Emmaus City most likely look and feel like yours. We live in apartments and homes. We go to the local universities and colleges and work for the independent- and corporate-owned businesses, schools, hospitals, and organizations that are making Worcester a city on the rise. Our kids go to local elementary schools, we frequent places like Elm Park, Clark University, Assumption CollegeThe Ecotarium, Nu Cafe, Mezcal, Wormtown Brewery, BirchTree Bread Company, and Armsby Abbey, and we love the way autumn leaves and winter snow look across the hills of our city. If this sounds like you, too, here a few questions for you:

  • Have you become curious about spirituality or religion, and somehow that has led you to wonder about Jesus?
  • Do you love Worcester and wonder how the city might change if people gave more than they took, and served more than being reserved? 
  • Are you interested in understanding how Jesus and His message of Good News brings spiritual, social, and cultural renewal to you personally, as well as to families, neighborhoods, and communities that make up Worcester?
  • Are you curious as to how the teachings of Jesus's Gospel might impact every area of city life – neighboring, education, business, nonprofits, government, etc.? 

If you can answer "Maybe" or "Yes" to one or more of the questions above, consider contacting us or visiting us sometime. 

We connect throughout the week with each other and neighbors and friends, as well as on Saturday evenings at the Fusion Center located at 30 Tyler Prentice Road in Worcester where we come together to seek and celebrate Jesus through listening to the Scriptures, enjoying Communion, and singing of what He has done as we are sent back out to where He has called us. 

Jesus said that He "did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” We seek to love our neighbors, acquaintances and friends as Jesus did in His compassion and boldness, His grace and truth

Starting to Gather a Church with a Denomination, a Network, and a Family

Emmaus City Church did not come about by one person or idea, but by the prayers and hopes of many in Worcester, MA, as well as beyond our city. The call to start this church came from 3 connections: CRC, Acts 29, and Soma. Read more about why Emmaus City Church is part of the CRC, A29, and Soma

Pastor Mike Sullivan was examined and ordained by the CRC (a historic denomination with nearly 500 year roots in the Protestant reformation) and assessed to be a church planter by the Acts 29 church planting network. Soon thereafter, Emmaus City Church was welcomed into the Soma family of churches in a desire to grow in our ability to share and show the message and life of Jesus with neighbors and friends throughout Worcester. 

We have a great appreciation for who God has provided to teach us and help us now, and we also greatly appreciate influential leaders from the past like:

St. Tertullian (160 – 225 C.E./A.D.) 
Sts. Perpetua and Felicity (late 100s – 203 C.E./A.D.)
St. Irenaeus (2nd century 202 C.E./A.D.)
St. Athanasius  (296  373 C.E./A.D.) 
St. Chrysostom (347  407 C.E./A.D.) 
St. Augustine (354  430 C.E./A.D.)
St. Patrick (387  461 C.E./A.D.)
St. Benedict (480  547 C.E./A.D.)
St. Francis (1181  1226 C.E./A.D.)
St. Francis Xavier (1506  1552 C.E./A.D.)
Rebecca Protten (1718  1780 C.E./A.D.)
John Newton (1725 1807 C.E./A.D.)
Hannah More (1745  1833 C.E./A.D.)
George Lisle (1750  1820 C.E./A.D.)
Lemuel Haynes (1753 – 1833 C.E./A.D.)
Adoniram Judson  (1788 – 1850 C.E./A.D.)
Sojourner Truth (1797 – 1883 C.E./A.D.)
Harriet Tubman (1822 – 1913 C.E./A.D.)
Andrew Murray (1828 – 1917 C.E./A.D.) 
Hudson Taylor (1832 – 1905 C.E./A.D.)
Charles Spurgeon (1834  1892 C.E./A.D.) 
Abraham Kuyper (1837  1920 C.E./A.D.)
Francis James Grimke (1857  1937 C.E./A.D.) 
Samuel Marinus Zwemer (1867  1952 C.E./A.D.)
E. Stanley Jones (1884 
 1973 A.D.)
C.S. Lewis (1898  1963 C.E./A.D.)
Hugh O'Flaherty (1898  1963 C.E./A.D.)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906  1945 C.E./A.D.)
Mother Theresa (1910  1997 C.E./A.D.)
Will Campbell (1924  2013 C.E./A.D.) 
Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929  1968 C.E./A.D.)
John Stott (1921 2011 C.E./A.D.) 

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