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2015 Thriving Frequency Conference | Worship Sets Songs and Lyrics

Emmaus City Church Worcester MA Soma Acts 29 Christian Reformed Church Transcultural Kingdom Multi-Ethnic Network of Missional Communities

Thriving Frequency Worship Set Shout Out to 

Epiphany Fellowship and Doxa

I have loved every Thriving event I've had the privilege to attend. Posts from the 2013 Thriving Summit and the 2014 Thriving Frequency conference can be found on this website. Special thanks goes tEpiphany Fellowship's worship in song leaders, including Doxa, for broadening my repertoire of worship songs in the past three years. Their influence will not only be felt in the list of songs included on this post, but also throughout these previous set list posts:

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Now on to the eclectic mix of Gospel-focused songs that I hope and pray will influence Emmaus City's praise of of God in 2016.

2015 Thriving Frequency Setlists Video Links and Lyrics

Friday, October 16 Opening Setlist

2013 A.D.
My God is big, so strong, so mighty!
My God's plan for me goes beyond my wildest dreams!

My God is big, so strong, so mighty!
My God's plan for me goes beyond my wildest dreams! (x2)

My God is good, so good, to me, yeah!
Say again, yeah, yeah, so good, so good to me!

When I think about all you do, yeah,

So good to me! 

He's my God and He is my refuge!

He's the Rock from which I stand!

He's my fortress, God, He is my life!

He holds the oceans in His hand! (x2)

There's nothing my God cannot do! (x8)

If you know He's a big God let me here you say now, ooh yeah!
And He can still make ways, lift your praise, ooh yeah!
What a mighty, mighty, mighty God we serve!
Come on, everybody lift your voice and make this declaration!

My God is big, so strong, so mighty!
My God's plan for me goes beyond my wildest dreams!

(2) Mighty to Save lyrics by Hillsong United

2006 A.D.

Everyone needs compassion,
A love that's never failing.
Let mercy fall on me.
Everyone needs forgiveness, 
The kindness of a Savior,
The hope of nations.

Savior, He can move the mountains,
My God is mighty to save!
He is mighty to save!
Forever, Author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave!
Jesus conquered the grave!

So take me as You find me,
All my fears and failures,
Fill my life again.

I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in,
Now I surrender.

Shine your light and let the whole world see!
We're singing for the glory of the risen King Jesus!

(3) I Surrender lyrics by Hillsong United

2012 A.D.

Here I am,
Down on my knees again,
Surrendering all,
Surrendering all.

Find me here,
Lord, as You draw me near.
Desperate for You,
I'm desperate for You

I surrender.

Drench my soul
As mercy and grace unfold,
I hunger and thirst,
I hunger and thirst.

With arms stretched wide,
I know You hear my cry.
Speak to me now.
Speak to me now.

I surrender,
I surrender.
I wanna know You more,
I wanna know You more.

Like a rushing wind,
Jesus breathe within!
Lord, have Your way,
Lord, have Your way in me!

Like a mighty storm,
Stir within my soul!
Lord, have Your way,
Lord, have Your way in me!

(4) Bless the Lord (Son of Man) lyrics by Tye Tribbett

 2008 A.D.

Son Of Man, Son of Righteousness
King of the earth for sinners slain.
I was lost, in darkness bound,
Ransomed my heart and I will sing! (x2)

My Strength! (You are!)
My Deliverer! (You are!)
The One who rescued me! (You are!)
My Hope! (You are!)
My Redeemer! (You are!)
Your love has set me free! 

Bless the Lord, oh my soul! (x8) 

In the splendor of Your majesty
From deep within my spirit sings,
 "Holy, Holy!" (x8)

Friday, October 16 Closing Setlist

(1) Endless Praise lyrics by Planetshakers

2014 A.D.

You are God, and we lift You up!
Weʼll keep singing, weʼll keep praising.
We wonʼt stop, giving all we got,
'Cause You're worthy, of all glory!

Oh, there is no other,
You are forever, Lord over all!
Thereʼs nobody like You, no one beside You!

To You,
Let endless praise resound!
Every night and day, and with no delay,
Let endless praise resound!

Boundless love,
Light before the sun,
Your glory eternal
Never stops!
Giving all You got,
Creation keeps singing!

We lift You up, up, up!
Weʼre giving You our love, love, love!
For everything Youʼve done, done, done,
We give You all the praise!

(2) Happy lyrics by Tasha Cobbs

2013 A.D.

You make me happy,
You make me whole,
You take the pain away.
I'm so in love with You.

Everything about You is right,
It covers all my wrong!
Your life saved my life!
With You is where I belong!
I belong to You, Lord!

So in love with You!
Can't make it without You!
I live to worship You!
Forever me and You!

(3) Love Lifted Me lyrics by Ashmont Hill

2013 A.D.

Glory, glory to God in the highest.
Glory, glory to God.
When nothing else could help, 
You came and rescued me.

Your love lifted me,
Your love lifted me,
Your love lifted me,
I am free to sing of Your love!

Higher, higher, higher than heaven;
Deeper, deeper, deeper than oceans;
Greater, greater, greater than mountains,
Your love!

It lifted me!
It saved me!
Delivered me!

(4) Holy Spirit lyrics by Jesus Culture

 2012 A.D.

There's nothing worth more that would ever come close,
No thing can compare, You're our living Hope,
Your presence, Lord.

I've tasted and seen of the sweetest of loves,
When my heart becomes free and my shame is undone,
Your presence, Lord. 

Holy Spirit You are welcome here,
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.
Your glory God is what our hearts long for,
To be overcome by Your presence, Lord.

Saturday, October 17 Closing Setlist

(1) Glorious lyrics by BJ Putnam

2013 A.D.

Shout it out and
Make it louder!
Jesus, we shout Your name!
Jesus, we make Your praise!
You are glorious!
God, You are Glorious!

My God, You rein forever and ever!
How great Your name!
Your love remains forever and ever!
You stay the same!

Shout it out,
Shout it out
If You know he's good
Sing it out,
Sing it out,
For the Lord is good!
Shout it out loud,
You are glorious!

(2) Worship Medley lyrics by Tye Tribbett

2014 A.D.

I love You forever,
I love You forever,
I love You forever, Lord!

We'll worship forever, 
We'll worship forever,
We'll worship forever, Lord!

We give glory to God,
Glory to God,
Glory to God forever!

(3) Blessed Assurance lyrics by Fanny J. Crosby

1873 A.D.

Blessed assurance,
Jesus is mine!
O what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation,
purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit,
Washed in His blood.
This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior all the day long;
This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior all the day long.

Perfect submission, perfect delight!
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
Angels descending bring from above
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.
Perfect submission, all is at rest!
I in my Savior am happy and blest,
Watching and waiting, looking above,
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.

(4) The Anthem lyrics by Planetshakers

2013 A.D.

By His stripes, we are healed!

By His nail-pierced hands, we’re free!

By His blood, we’re washed clean;

Now we have the victory!

The power of sin is broken,

Jesus overcame it all;

He has won our freedom,

Jesus has won it all!


You have won the victory!


You have won it all for me!
Death could not hold You down!

You are the risen King!

Seated in majesty,

You are the risen king! 

Our God is risen,
He is alive,

He won the victory,
He reigns on high! 

– Sully

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